You smoke, bud? Don’t. Here’s why.

So… you smoke it right? Ask the average citizen how patients consume medical cannabis and many, if not most, would say, "Roll it and smoke it." That shouldn't come as a surprise given the unfair depictions of cannabis users in media over several decades. But the fact...

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The Cannabis Show Ep. 44 – There’s gold in that grinder

On this week’s episode, Hart channel’s his inner Jerry Orbach and goes Broadway as he squares off against Basil in another round of Strain vs. Strain. We review the FocusVape Pro vaporizer. And there’s gold in that grinder.  ...

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The Cannabis Show Ep. 41 – Let’s get topical

On this week’s episode, cannabis topicals, which are applied on the skin, non-psychoactive and may help with minor aches and pains with Kait's Kitchen. Basil’s Bud is Oscar-winning film legend and cannabis advocate Morgan Freeman. Chris review’s Broken Coast’s...

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