Bring the heat! (But not too hot, OK.)

I do not cook. I barely passed Home-Ec class in Grade 10. So when I decided to make 'cannabutter' for use in cooking with my first 15-gram batch of Broken Coast’s Sativa tips, I was intimidated. I called my friend 'in the know,' who explained to me that the plant had...

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The Cannabis Show: Is ‘Chesterfield lock’ a thing?

On this episode of The Cannabis Show, terpenes steal Basil’s thunder, Hart weighs in on the licensed producer versus dispensary debate, Chris and Hart take another look at CBD, and a viewer seeks advice on the best method to consume cannabis. Don't forget to subscribe...

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Let’s talk about cannabis and irritable bowel syndrome

Cannabis. How can a drug scheduled in the United States as a narcotic with highly addictive properties and no medicinal benefits, and in Canada as a narcotic and a controlled substance, have positive effects on everything from seizures to irritable bowel syndrome and...

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