THC:11.6% CBD: <0.1%

Dominant Terpenes listed as Myrcene, Pinene and Caryophyllene. The peppery pine combo gives this strain a clean freshness that is very well rounded and almost encapsulated by the earthiness from the Myrcene, causing one to have to dig around in the aroma like a little truffle pig to locate all of the scents. The combination of this all-star trifecta suggests visions of an outdoor cedar shower house sitting in the middle of a forest and the effects are on par with how pleasant and calming that shower experience might be.

Upon busting, this medicine went straight to work. The easy going aroma began the calming, stress reducing effects and the consistency of the ground bud made for an easy roll and a quality smoke. As a good friend of mine likes to say, this strain punches well above its weight. For myself, the acquired high was not reflective of the lower THC percentage and I quite enjoyed the stone without feeling only partially satisfied. That being said, it was also not very long lived in its entirety and I found myself going back for 2nd and 3rd helpings in a relatively short period of time throughout the night.

I went to this strain looking for some pain relief and it delivered as advertised. I was quite happy with how the back pain started to fade almost immediately and muscle tension was quick to melt away. The pine and pepper clearly push back against the myrcene allowing one to remain calm and focused as opposed to flighty or anxious. I noticed the effects mostly throughout my body and was quite happy with the lack of headiness making this strain a quality option for a daytime pain reliever.

Peace Naturals calls it a pure indica and suggests night time use, however my recommendation would be to consider it in the first half of your day as well. Keep in mind that once you start to tire throughout your day that calming, pain melting effect might quickly turn into a calming, eyelid drooping effect.

All in all this cut is impressive with its heavy trichome coverage and moderate pain relief but far from mind blowing in effects and visual appeal. She is likely far from being an award winner but could be an effective tool in your pursuit of health. I sincerely suggest you give it a sniff.


— Basil Kelly, LP Relations Manager

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