THC 0.50% CBD 11.14%

The flavour in MedReleaf’s Avidekel is slightly floral with a little fruit in the background. It smells like a dawn on an early morning summer day – fresh and fruity kissed with a little sunshine.

I take Avidekel on a daily basis, usually in oil form, but always keep some dry bud on hand for when I’m experimenting. Last summer I was doing exactly that. I had filled my favourite pipe with Louise from Aphria, and had enjoyed just a tad more than normal. I started to experience a couch lock that I had never had before. It was more like an elephant sitting on my chest that would not move. I was paralyzed – wondering if everyone else around the fire could see me panicking. I couldn’t even talk I was so locked up. Fortunately, one of my boys recognized my “situation” and filled my bowl with Avidekel. It took 5 puffs to bring me down, but with every one, I felt more and more grounded. It was like a hot air balloon on the loose, then slowly the pilot brings it down for a gentle landing – in a nice calm field. That’s exactly what happened – I landed gently, and the elephant left the party. I now always carry it with me – just in case that elephant reappears!

I would really feel comfortable using this any time of day.  I can always count on Avidekel to bring me down and soothe the inner storm.

I would highly recommend this amazing strain of CBD for anyone that suffers from stress, anxiety, or PTSD.  It has made a huge difference in my life – more so than any other CBD I’ve tried. I’ve even purchased an extra 10g to make a batch of my “special bubble gum with” so I can enjoy it anywhere I go.


— Kerry Freeman, Patient Care Team


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