I have been using medical cannabis for just over a year and consider myself a more experienced user. I use cannabis to calm my anxiety and ADD and have found that some strains with a higher THC content can amplify my conditions instead of treating them.

I typically seek out strains with a mid-range THC or high CBD and have an affinity for buds that are citrus or fruity in flavour.

After sampling a few different strains from Tweed’s DNA Genetics, I can’t even express how impressed I am. They are well known for aromatic plants that taste as good as they smell.

The Golden Lemons strain offered a beautifully smooth and citrusy smoke so when I received an email notifying me of a new strain, Banana Kush, I had to take a chance and placed my order.

Upon arrival, the buds were small, dense and thoroughly coated in a layer of dark orange trichomes. They carried a faint tropical banana scent which was not overpowering and very natural which I appreciated since I am not typically a fan of bananas.

This strain tested at 13% THC and barely any CBD. The dominant terpenes for this strain are caryophyllene, limonene, pinene, and myrcene.

I used my Pax 2 vaporizer, and the taste was earthy with an undertone of sweet tropical fruit. I felt like I was on a tropical fruit salad vacation and I do recommend using a vaporizer to get the most out of this tasty strain.

The effects came on within five minutes, and I felt at ease, relaxed and happy. Despite being lower in THC this strain can creep up on you, so novice users should take it slow. And I found this strain most helpful for after dinner when you’re unwinding from a long day.

It helped to melt some of the day’s stressors away and kept me in the moment. The mild cerebral effects were uplifting and enhanced my mood as well. I wouldn’t recommend it for daytime use if you are prone to drowsiness, but it did offer a nice heady feeling that would be great for a relaxed Saturday afternoon.

— Shivonne S., Patient Care Representative


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