Balance. We strive to attain just the right combination of work and play, family and friends to ensure a more fulfilling, challenging and enjoyable life.

But balance is as fickle and elusive as Captain Ahab’s white (or in this case, baleen) whale, teasingly within reach but often just beyond our grasp.

My quest for a cannabis strain that can quash pain, calm an anxious mind and leave me clear-headed, focused and energized enough to work or play has been just as elusory. Until now.

Boasting a 2:1 CBD-to-THC ratio, Organigram’s Baleen, more commonly known as CBD Shark, offered me just enough analgesic effect from the THC to ease muscle tightness and soreness, while the CBD triggered soothing waves and delivered a sense of well-being (and the occasional ripple of giddiness).

The one downside, as is often the case with many strains, was dry mouth. Not the worst I’ve experienced and easily managed with a bottle (or two) of water.

Frankly, it’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a strain.

The most recent lot I received tested at 10% CBD to 5.9% THC and scored high in pinene and myrcene, which may explain the fresh, earthy aroma and relaxing, clear-headed effects.

The buds were dense, well-cured (dry but not brittle), and — most importantly — coated in beautiful, milky-white trichomes.

While I’ve found high-CBD strains to be effective medicinally, the overall vaping experience has been… uninspired. The ones I’ve tried have had little to no flavour and felt harsh on my throat.

Baleen, however, has been far more enjoyable. Is it the most flavourful or powerful strain I’ve ever tried? No. But it has far more personality than many high-CBD strains and is much more smooth to vape.

I would recommend this strain for the novice and experienced cannabis user alike. It’s a gentle introduction for beginners easing their way into medical cannabis, and more than adequate for the seasoned veteran searching for a reliable daytime strain.

Trevor Howell, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

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