You’re using your cannabis with in a careful measured approach. You’re noting effects. You’re being responsible with your medication. What can go wrong? If you decide to have a few drinks, plenty. Make sure the cannabis consumption is away from the alcohol consumption. Why?

There is an old adage among recreational users: grass before beer, you’re in the clear. Beer before grass….Greening out could ensue (this doesn’t rhyme and you’re right if you think that’s not the correct line). As summer approaches the temptation to have a few drinks on the patio is alluring. Just remember the poetic adage above.  If you drink first and then vaporize, the levels of THC in your plasma can skyrocket, because alcohol opens up blood vessels in your digestive system, which helps THC get absorbed. Eating cannabis could further exacerbate this risk. Whatever you do, avoid driving at all costs if both have been ingested.

If you vaporize after drinking you could green out, which means become pale and sweaty. You may even start vomiting. Not only do using the two substances together heighten the effects of both, but while drinking, you may be more likely to take in more than the prescribed ‘minimum amount for desired effect’ dosage amount of cannabis. Both effects get heightened and not necessarily in a predictable way. In fact it’s typically highly unpredictable. The effects of moderate doses combined (called a crossfade), for certain individuals, may result with serious levels of impairment.

Cannabis has an antiemetic effect, meaning that it makes it more difficult for the body to vomit. This is great for a cancer patient but not for someone who has overdone alcohol. And even your usual amount of alcohol could be too much when both are combined.  As mentioned,  having alcohol in your blood can potentially cause the body to absorb THC faster. If you are prone to anxiety or paranoia…the combination can heighten those effects. Cannabis, when used too often in a non-medicinal way (doses beyond microdosing), can impair memory, as can alcohol.  Together, this effect is heightened as well. So, the ability to take care of belongings and yourself can also be compromised.

When you are high and reach out for another drug, you risk multiplying the regular effects of both drugs in an unpredictable way.  Alcohol is considered a drug because if its chemical structure and lack of nutrition values. The stimulant effect may be intensified OR the depressive effect may be.

List of heightened effects could include:

Memory loss

Compromised judgment

Changes in emotional behaviour

Impaired motor coordination.

Have a safe and happy spring and summer but keeping this in mind:

If you’re planning on having a couple of drinks, have them AWAY from your medical cannabis dosing.

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