Consumption Methods & Dosing

The goal of cannabis medicine is relief of bothersome symptoms while minimizing intoxication. Dosing recommendations vary for all patients and may need to be adjusted, slowly, under the guidance of a medical professional. Cannabis often has beneficial therapeutic properties at very low doses, but may produce opposite negative side effects at high doses. This is part of the principal of cannabis medicine called micro-dosing.

Start low and go slow! The micro-dosing principal starts with the lowest possible dose that might produce an effect, and slowly titrate or adjust dosage from there. Keep a journal to document your dose, frequency, results of treatment and side effects. This will help you find the perfect dose and strain that provides the most relief.

*It’s important to note: The grams per day listed on the container determines the amount a patient is eligible to order from a Licensed Producer (LP), but is not representative of a recommended dose.*


Many new cannabis patients prefer oral ingestion, which can include edible oil extracts, gelcaps and sublingual sprays. Alternative oral formulations will likely be available in the future.

IMPORTANT: Never smoke or vaporize oils purchased from your LP. These products are meant for oral consumption and may cause serious health issues if combusted.


Inhaled cannabis has a rapid onset and a shorter duration of effects than ingestible forms. Vaporization boils cannabinoids into a vapor rather than combusting it into smoke. As effects are of shorter duration, the titration or adjustment regime may also be shorter.

Smoking or Combustion

Traditional smoking is not recommended for health reasons. However some patients believe it is still an effective way to achieve benefits of the whole plant effect (Cannabinoids/Terpenes, chlorophyll, etc.).

If you have any questions or for more information on other consumption methods such as topicals, suppositories and edibles, please talk with your physician, your LP, or with a Patient Educator at our Education Centre.

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