It is currently not legal in Canada to purchase hashish. However, with the right equipment, it is easy and legal to produce at home with dried cannabis purchased from a Licensed Producer. The current cannabis regulations allow for registered patients to manipulate their legally obtained cannabis into any form the patient wishes, with one major rule; NO HYDROCARBONS! This means that using products like butane to extract your cannabis is illegal (and very, very dangerous…so just don’t do it!)

What is hashish?

Hash is a cannabis concentrate that focuses on separating the trichomes from the plant material to yield a high potency product that can be smoked, vaporized or further processed into other products like edibles. Hash is often produced in countries such as Pakistan, Morocco and Lebanon where cannabis fields are plentiful. Each source country has varying methods of producing hash, all which result in a different final product.

There are several ways to achieve the separation of trichomes from the plant material, with each method producing a different hash product. Taste, texture, potency and ease of use will all be effected by using different methods. I will discuss these methods below, and also include my own opinions on what to do to produce the highest quality hashish experience.

Let’s begin by discussing the easiest and most accessible method to produce hash. The majority of individuals who are reading this will already have what they need in order to follow this “recipe” for a great homemade hash. 

Get yourself a grinder that includes a screen and a “kief” catcher. The powder that collects in this compartment while you grind your dried cannabis is mostly trichome heads. You can collect this product until you have enough to press into a small piece of hash. You can purchase a “puck press” which will simply compress your trichomes into one solid, circular puck. 

I, however, use two different methods to press my grinder kief. The first is the simplest, and I call it Shoe Hash. I place the collection of trichomes into a cellophane wrapper, put all of the kief into one corner and tape the cellophane closed so that none can escape. I then put this package under the sole of my shoe and go out for the day. The heat and pressure from your foot will compress the trichomes throughout the day into a beautiful piece of hash (what a brilliant treat to enjoy when you get home!)

The second method that I use follows the same steps with the exception of the shoe. Once the cellophane package is nicely wrapped, I then wrap it again into some newspaper. You can then gently wet the newspaper and press down on it with a warm clothes iron. Please ensure that you rotate the wrapped package between pressing. Also ensure that there is always moisture in the newspaper as without the moisture, you can burn the paper and melt the cellophane into your trichomes. After roughly four presses of about three seconds each, you can unwrap the package and remove the now pliable piece of pressed trichomes. You can then roll it into a nice little ball to save for later, or to consume right away.

If you wish to step up the speed at which you can collect trichomes, purchase a “sifter box” (usually a box with a silkscreen) you can gently agitate your dried and ground cannabis over the screen and be amazed at the amount of kief that is collected. Then, follow the steps above to press the product into a hashish form.

Now, lets talk about my personal favourite method to produce a very special product; Bubble Hash!…..Next time! Stay tuned!

— Andrew Post, LP Relations

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