It is never easy for me to pick one certain strain to discuss; I always have many products available to choose from as each is able to provide a different experience.

Coastline from Peace Naturals, however, has become a bud that I want to always have around due to its inherent versatility. Day, evening, night…it does not matter. Coastline is capable of relaxation and calming without leaning towards too sedative or too stimulating.

The originating genetics of this strain are unclear, but PN states that Coastline is a hybrid with a terpography dominated by Caryophyllene and Humulene. This is the reason why Coastline is a strain that many medical cannabis patients should pay attention to; Coastline makes for a phenomenal THC dominant anti-anxiety strain, around the clock.

Upon opening the jar and removing the heat seal, the room instantly fills with a very distinct sweet and peppery smell, with gentle notes of earthy-ness. Every time that I open the jar containing my Coastline, someone shows up from around the corner and asks “what is that delicious smell?”. 

There is so much more to the smell of a cannabis strain than it seems at first whiff. These smells are a direct result of the terpenes that are present, and all terpenes have noteworthy results in the human body. Coastline’s terpene profile results in the nicest calming and anxiety melting experience, and will leave the patient smiling every time.

The bud itself has very distinct visual characteristics. The dark forest green is littered in rust coloured pistils and coated in beautiful trichomes. To top off this very attractive package, the buds all contain some deep purple speckled throughout. 

Coastline is a very dense flower. I am always impressed when I open my grinder and see how much ground flower a small bud of Coastline breaks down into. Averaging around 14%-17% THC, this strain is one that both experienced and new cannabis patients should investigate. Remember to start low, and raise slow and you should have nothing but a great experience with this “bud” of mine.


— Andrew Post, LP Relations

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