Important Notice


Dear NHS Patients,
Please be advised that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our facility has implemented the following to ensure the safety of our patients, visitors and staff.

Our clinic is transitioning over to Virtual Care for consultation and follow-up to ensure continuity of patient care. This means that we will be using video and audio technologies for some patient visits rather than asking patients to come into our office.

Just like online shopping or email, Virtual Care has some inherent privacy and security risks that your health information may be intercepted or unintentionally disclosed. We want to make sure you understand this before we proceed. In order to improve privacy and confidentiality, you should also take steps to participate in this virtual care encounter in a private setting and should not use an employer’s or someone else’s computer/device as they may be able to access your information.

Some health concerns can be addressed with virtual care alone, but in some cases your doctor may ask you to come in-person for a physical examination. In this case we will re-schedule your appointment to a later date.

Thank you for choosing Natural Health Services to be your healthcare partner.

The Canadian Government has excellent resources to inform and support the public. A good place to start is here:

The World Health Organization also has a good website with information for the public which you can find here:

March 18, 2020