I’ve heard and experienced many positives that have come from medicating with Hydropothecary’s Elixir No. 1.

Not only for pain. From boosts out of depression to being a sleep aid, Elixir has enormous versatility and potential.

The Quebec-based licensed producer introduced Elixir earlier this year to much fanfare. Each child-resistant bottle contains 15 ml of the sublingual MCT oil spray and 400 mg of THC, which works out to about 150 pumps, each dose delivering roughly 2.5 mg of THC.

The peppermint additive not only tastes great but assists with absorption, allows patients to microdose quickly and discreetly.

Using this product changed my daily medicating routine. As a patient that requires THC throughout the day to alleviate pain and elevate my moods the discreet packaging and nature of administering was an instant draw.

Elixir allows me to medicate anywhere and at any time. It also allows me to reduce the amount of dry cannabis I would typically consume on any given day.

Not only improving my medicating but improving my health by reducing the times I turn to inhalation. This product was a game changer for me and will remain part of my daily regimen.

— Mark Mumby, Education Centre Supervisor

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