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July 6, 2017 Lethbridge, AB – ​Natural Health Services (NHS) is a patient-centric medical cannabis clinic with locations in Calgary, Medicine Hat, Edmonton, Saskatoon and is now set to open in Lethbridge, Alberta. As Canada’s largest medical cannabis prescriber, NHS has physicians and educators on-site and offers services at no charge to the patient.

Medical cannabis is becoming more widely used for a variety of symptoms. Kait Shane, Director of Community Outreach at NHS says, “Patients who use medical cannabis use it to treat a wide variety of ailments, for example, seizures to migraines, and from insomnia to anxiety. It’s also been helpful in treating the side effects of chemotherapy such as wasting and nausea. Keep in mind some of these conditions can do well with the non-psychoactive CBD component of the plant as well. This means no impairment or feeling of being high.”

There are several ways to use medical cannabis; orally by ingesting an edible oil, or creating a product like a butter or coconut oil infused with cannabis. The oils and fats can be used to cook with to create many different foods. Plus, many choose vaporizing as some people find inhaling is more effective than processing through their liver. The evolution of this culinary science has helped everyone benefit from medical cannabis, especially with children and elderly patients.  

Under Health Canada’s  Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations​ (ACMPR), Canadians who have been authorized by their health care practitioner to access cannabis for medical purposes will continue to have the option of purchasing safe, quality-controlled cannabis from one of the Licensed Producers by Health Canada. ​

What sets Natural Health Services apart from others is that there is no charge to their patients for appointments or services. Shane says, “By opening a medical cannabis clinic in Lethbridge we’re able to give this community the opportunity to treat and alleviate symptoms of many serious medical conditions that may not respond to traditional interventions.”  

The Natural Health Services clinic is set to open early July with pre-booking available on their website in the next week. Patients who want to be notified when booking is open can enter their email at


About Natural Health Services
Natural Health Services (NHS) is a patient-centric medical cannabis clinic based in Calgary, serving patients through multiple clinics in Canada. With a focus on harm reduction and education, we provide compassionate access to medical cannabis while following the rules set out in Health Canada’s ACMPR. Our team is made up of physicians, cannabis experts, and patient care representatives. For more information visit Natural Health Services at

For media inquiries, please contact Amy Lafleche, Natural Health Services  403-560-2928


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