Dancehall from licensed producer Peace Naturals creates a dynamic and relaxing effect on my social perspective while providing spasm relief and body endurance for my active lifestyle.

This well-balanced, sativa-dominant strain tests around 7% THC and 9% CBD, with myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene dominating the terpene profile.

According to the website Leafly, Dancehall was bred by combining a Mexican-Afghani-Spanish Hybrid called Juanita La Lagrimosa with Kalijah, a Blue Heaven/Mexican-Afghani hybrid.

Small sticky spindles make up this tightly-knitted bud. This strain doesn’t rep the greenest leaves, but it does carry rich earthy tones with trichomes galore. Only upon breaking into this bud did I discover the purple hues that dance throughout the hidden crystal coves of this flower.

At first smell, there was an undeniably sharp but sweet floral scent that overjoyed all of my senses. Only after busting this flower did I discover the deeply rooted spice and earthiness of Dancehall.

Simply put. You don’t need good taste to think this strain tastes good. The harmonious balance of sweet floral notes and spicy pepper always leaves me feeling warm and bubbly inside and out. Tis the season right?

This lively strain was originally named after a genre of reggae. I found that very fitting with its energizing and oh-so-social feel.

The balance of THC and CBD was perfect for my anxiety, allowing me to feel at total ease with my thoughts, body, and surroundings.

This strain pretty much proves that you don’t have to be a good dancer to have a good time. So whether its aches and pains or social anxiety keeping you from life’s Dancehall, get some of this and get out there!

— Jordynn Spilak, Bud Genius


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