15.8% THC, <0.05% CBD

Terpene Profile: 0.48% Caryophyllene, 0.35% trans-Nerolidol, 0.27% d-Limonene, 0.22% Linalool

Whistler Medical Marijuana Company‘s God’s Green Crack produces a quality head and body high, that has helped to ease general pain and muscle soreness, loosening my joints to give my body more range of motion. I felt a cerebral, uplifting head high that helped to comfort my anxiety and calm down compulsivity. This strain gave me energy and helped me feel more focused. Even though the strain is potent, there was very low “burnout” effect and it kept my mind clear, while also getting rid of my anxiety and intrusive thoughts.

I would recommend this strain for any time of day, but in particular for daytime and afternoon use. It helps to keep me focused and alert during the mid-day hours. A balanced hybrid with sweet and citrusy aromatic notes, this strain has an earthy/”woody” flavour when smoked and burns incredibly smooth.

In conclusion, this is my favourite daytime strain because it helps to keep me alert and energized throughout the day. It has a great effect on my body, keeping away pain and general soreness from old injuries, while also loosening my joints and helping my body relax. One of my favourite parts of God’s Green Crack – is the fact that there is minimal burnout after using; with no sleepy and tired eyes, I can remain energized throughout my day, even after the body effects have worn off. This strain also helps me stay focused on my task at hand, greatly reducing compulsive and intrusive thoughts that often distract me throughout my day.


— Rylan Weist, Patient Care Representative

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