I think what first appealed to me about Good Morning by Hydropothecary was the yellow and red rooster logo. Roosters seem to like mornings. Maybe I could too.

I do have a tendency towards depression and ADD and was expecting a nice sativa to help me set my day up. I did get the ‘help set up my day’ part, but it is, in fact, an indica-dominant hybrid strain with about 17% THC.

To my delight and surprise though, this indica knew a thing or two about getting things done, and a microdose seems to set me up for success.

It comes in under the radar and seems almost a coincidence that I can stay focused and make it to lunch with a steady stream of tasks falling away behind me.

I’m not typically too enamoured with too high a THC, and 17.2% seems a lot to me in the morning, (since THC always seems to affect me about twice as much in the morning as in the evening), but a few sips on my Focus Vape is just right.

I do love their other time of day strains as well but have been known to throw some Good Morning into some of my evenings with enlivening effect.

I am a huge fan of Hydropothecary’s terpene profile… even though I actually don’t know what it is. They don’t list any terpene profiles on their website at all.

Sure, I would prefer to know at least the two or three main terpenes in Good Morning, but that’s mostly for curiosity’s sake. I guess I can leave the magic up to them as long as they deliver it to me.

— Kait Shane, co-host of The Cannabis Show and Bud Genius


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