There’s a time machine available from New Brunswick’s only Licensed Producer, Organigram.

Well, OK, maybe it’s not quite a time machine, but it’s pretty close. The strain Halcyon can certainly help you get back to those ‘Halcyon Days’.

Halcyon is better known as Island Honey and it hails from BC. There isn’t much information available on the genetics, but I would say there’s definitely some Haze to its lineage.

As soon as I popped the seal on my 5g container, I immediately knew why the word ‘honey’ is in the name. It hits you right away, almost is if there’s a hive in the container. I also get hints of tangerine and some strawberry.

There’s a large bud looking up at me and I notice it’s a medium green with rust colour hairs. The buds are nicely manicured, but there’s really nothing that jumps out at me as special in terms of the looks of the bud. The effects, however, are quite the opposite.

Being a Sativa, I thought I would try this strain on an early Sunday morning while watching the Tour de France. My weapon of choice is my trusty H3 vaporizer and, of course, the lovely glass bong known as Pippi Bongstocking will make an appearance.

Out of the vaporizer bag, the flavour is quite sweet and I do definitely taste honey. It’s almost like inhaling dessert.  As I have mentioned in previous reviews I really like when strains have the same flavour as smell, and that’s what’s going on with Halcyon.

As great is it tastes, the effects are really where this strain shines.

It starts out very cerebral as I notice a definitely calm and ease come over me — kinda taking me back to those Halcyon Days of carefree and joyful being.

I would definitely keep this in my arsenal for depression, but make sure you start low and go slow with this one, at 22.2% THC, too much could cause some anxiety.

Another bonus to this strain is that it’s long-lasting. I had almost 2 hours worth of relief on just two initial inhalations off the vapour bag.

This is just a great strain for overall well-being, and a really nice way to start your day.

8.5 coughs out of 10

Review written by Hart Steinfeld, Education Manager at Natural Health

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