All of the strains by Licensed Producer Organigram spark a certain homage to that East Coast lifestyle, instantly taking a person to a place where one can embrace a slightly slower pace of life. Hunter’s Corner is just one such example.

This indica dominant strain is very welcoming with a woody, yet spicy aroma as soon as you open up the jar. The light green buds are dense, covered in trichomes and bust up very nicely. Listed as having 14% THC and less than 1% CBD, this mid-potency strain makes it possible to relax after a long day. Above all, Hunter’s Corner is incredibly calming. The Myrcene and Caryophyllene pair well together to put one in a zen like meditative state. Perfect for before yoga or other types of meditation.

I have found that this strain induces relaxation without increasing the level of my anxiety, which is always a bonus. I typically use this strain for combating my anxiety, depression and insomnia. As someone who struggles with a plethora of aches and ailments, sleep does not necessarily come as easily as I would like. However, since finding this stain, I actually look forward to my bedtime routine now. The ensuing feeling of weighted limbs combined with a mild cerebral high makes this strain ideal for nighttime, or in my case right before bed. Within a few moments, I can feel the wheels in my brain slowing down, the anxiety melting away and the body pain subsiding.

I would recommend this strain to anyone who feels like they just can’t get their brain to shut off before bed. My mind is always running with thoughts, ideas and worries and sometimes the challenge is just getting that to slow down to a manageable speed. In conclusion, if you are looking for a mid-potency indica strain that will relax you without causing you to feel like you may never leave the couch again, this is one for you to get to know better.


— Jasmine Rankine, Administrator/ Inventory Coordinator

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