Over the last few years, Natural Health Services’ Patient Educators have tracked trends and products emerging from Canada’s licensed producers.

One player that frequently rises to the top is Hydropothecary.

Ever innovative, the Quebec-based licensed producer saw two of its products, THC Elixir and Decarbed CannaCap, nominated for New Cannabis Product of the Year in Lift’s 2017 Canadian Cannabis Awards — the latter ultimately snagged the honour.

The Decarb product is plant matter that has been decarboxylated (heated to activate the THC and CBD) and then ground into a flour-like powder. It’s a game changer for many patients who don’t wish to, by choice or necessity smoke, vape, ingest oils and other edible cannabis products.

Hydropothecary offers six versions of its Decarb product, ranging from a high-THC (16.9%) to a high CBD (9.7%) and several options in between. It also provides clients with a complimentary encapsulator and capsules on the first order of the Decarb — patients can also skip that process and sprinkle it on food or mix into a drink.

Personally, I prefer to measure my dose into yogurt at night with a bit of probiotic powder and magnesium bisglycinate for gut health and to help me with restless leg syndrome. (Powders tend to be very bioavailable and relatively stress and mess-free.)

Here are some examples of how I medicate with Hydropothecary’s Decarb product:

If I need help sleeping, I will use a 1/4 teaspoon of their High-THC indica (48* mg of THC) an hour before bed.

For mood regulation and pain during the day, I use a 1/8 tsp of the 1:1 (6* mg THC and 6* mg CBD) in a spoon of almond butter.

If I am making a dip to take on a hike, I may add 1/4 tsp High-CBD (51* mg CBD) to lessen any inflammation, and maybe add in a 1/4 tsp of the Mid-THC Hybrid (24* mg of THC) for an uplifting effect.

*Percentages may vary slightly by lot number.

You can add Decarb to any food you will not be heating above 325 F. Since the cannabinoids were already activated, further heating the product could destroy medicinal compounds.

Time to onset with the Decarb product is slightly less than oil. For me, the effects seem to peak about 70-80 minutes after ingestion. It’s advisable to back time intake accordingly, to when strongest effects are desired. Like oil, the powder can be active in the system for approximately six to eight hours.

Remember to always start with a small amount (1/8 tsp for instance) and to journal effects. You can always titrate up from there if need be. As always, it’s best to talk about initial titration with your doctor

— Kait Shane, Community Outreach Educator Natural Health Services. Follow Natural Health Services on Twitter @NatHealthserve.

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