Last week we posted part 1 of Canadian Military Veteran Mike Parson’s interview. Following is part 2, in which we will meet Kyla, Mike’s wife and a Psychiatric nurse.

I asked Kyla about the changes she sees in Mike, we talked about sleep, and PTSD…

Both Mike and Kyla recognize and respect the role that both pharmaceuticals and medicinal cannabis can have in treatment plans. What has been their experience in that regard?

Mike has had decades of experience trying to treat his post war symptoms. Here he talks about the differences.

Mike’s family doctor has been open minded enough to benefit from Mike’s experience with NHS’ Dr. Stephanie Mason as well as his diligent fine tuning of his treatment.

Please note that Mike and Kyla will be our guests on an upcoming episode of The Cannabis Show. Stay tuned in the coming weeks to continue to get to know this lovely, well educated and informed couple who are trailblazing the way for other veterans.

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