Join Our Team

Founded in 2015, Natural Health Services (NHS) owns and operates a network of 7 clinics in Canada. NHS has connected over 95,000 patients with safe and legal products through Health Canada regulated Licensed Producers.

Our physicians are supported by a dedicated and compassionate support team, experienced and well-trained educators and proprietary technology.

This position offers flexibility for both working hours and start date, and has the potential to be very rewarding for the right individual. We provide a scheduling system that allows your practice to grow and thrive with the flexibility to accommodate your personal needs. Options range from full-time, part-time, appointment based practice, or work out of your current office. Rewarding remuneration is based on a fee for service system with a competitive fixed overhead component.

As an NHS physician, you will support patients suffering qualified ailments to access medical cannabis in accordance with Health Canada’s Cannabis Regulations. Cannabis-related education, training and ongoing support is provided.

Why Natural Health Services?

Natural Health Services is a growing team of health care professionals providing frontline care for thousands of patients seeking to enhance their quality of life through medical cannabis. 

Discover the benefits of working with NHS:

Finances/ Compensation

Due to high demand for medical cannabis, our clinics are able to tailor schedules to both lifestyle and financial goals with options to receive a portion of billings or salary.


Make a schedule that fits you! We offer flexible and controllable work schedules, with no evening or weekend calls. 

We are committed to ensuring patients and staff are happy and appropriately accommodated.

Practice Satisfaction

Our physicians are able to help patients with a wide range of demographics and medical conditions. 

We are at the forefront of this industry with a team that includes physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, cannabis educators, and customer care representatives.

Risk Exposure/ Liability

Our physicians provide patient access to safe regulated cannabis medicine following all federal and provincial cannabis laws, and professional college standards.

If you are interested in joining the NHS team, or if you want to learn more, please email