Do you know the fundamentals of cannabis therapy? With so many conflicting reports out there and misinformation (coming from typically reputable sources), it’s good to have some basic knowledge in your toolkit. Take the following quiz to test your cannabis knowledge!


  1.   CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid that the cannabis plant produces that is non-impairing.  True or False
  2.   CBD can be vaped as flower, taken as oil extraction, capsule or sublingual, just like THC or any combination therein.  True or False
  3.   Cannabis has been legal for medical purposes, on the recommendation of a doctor, since 2001. True or False
  4.   Flower, bud and dried are all interchangeable terms for where the most potent medicine is found in the cannabis plant.  True or False
  5.   According to Health Canada, edibles will not be available legally until at least a year after legalization. True or False
  6.   CBD products found in health food stores are unregulated and therefore technically illegal. True or False
  7.   THC is the cannabinoid that helps regulate sleep, appetite, and perception of pain among other things. True or False
  8.   You can safely mix strains of CBD and THC to find a balance and effect that is right for you.  True or False
  9.   Cannabis has never killed anyone. True or False
  10.   Less can often be more with the cannabis plant as it can have the opposite effect when too much is used. Example: anti-anxiety vs. anxiety, anti-nausea vs. nausea. True or False
  11.   Terpenes are proven to be an equally important consideration as cannabinoids CBD and THC levels when choosing a strain. True or False
  12.   It is illegal to take medically prescribed cannabis out of Canada. True or False
  13.   CBD will temper the impairing effects of THC. True or False



  1.  True! It is safe to drive and/or operate heavy machinery with CBD. However, as all substances can affect people differently (i.e. make some sleepy for instance), it is always best to try things at home for the          first time.  Always start low and slow.
  2.   True! Some think that CBD is available only as oil. However it is found is certain strains of the plant and then extracted and paired with a carrier oil. If you need quicker relief, try vaping CBD.
  3.   True! Doctors in Canada have legally been able to prescribe cannabis since 2001. It will be federally legal for all adults this fall.
  4.   True! These terms all relate to the plant, as opposed to oil, gel caps or sublinguals for instance.
  5.   True! You can legally make your own edibles out of product from your licensed producer (or soon to be legal dispensary)
  6.   True! CBD is regulated by Health Canada. Proper testing and labeling is a function of those regulations. Products sold outside the medicinal market (or soon to be legal dispensaries) are technically illegal.
  7.   True! THC can be extremely helpful even in microdoses (small amounts potentially taken throughout the day). It reaches the CB1 receptors in the brain that regulate sleep, among other things.
  8.   True! I like to mix CBD in with many of my THC strains to take advantage of CBD’s anti anxiety and anti-inflammatory effect.
  9.   True! Even too much water can have fatal results. Not so for cannabis.
  10.   True! Start under the therapeutic dose and work your way up to your individual ‘sweet spot’. Keep a journal!
  11.   True! Terpenes are what give plants their aroma and flavour but they also have medicinal effects. Watch The Cannabis Show for more education on terpenes.
  12.   True! It may seem reasonable to take your cannabis from a legal country to a legal state, like Washington, however, it is not legal.
  13.   True! If you find that you are feeling too psycho-activated from THC, taking some CBD can help mitigate those effects.

If you answered True to all of the above questions, you are correct, and more than likely know more than the average Canadian. Nice work! If you would like to keep learning, some reputable sources of info are:, and The Cannabis Show


— Kait Shane, Community Outreach Educator Natural Health Services. Follow Natural Health Services on Twitter @NatHealthserve.

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