God Kush from Broken Coast has a special place in my heart.

Having spent many years living on the West Coast of Canada, there is a certain pride I get when consuming Lasqueti. The strong Kush aroma and flavour paired with the intense sedating effects leave me relaxed and smiling.

This strain brings me back to the West Coast, and for that I am grateful.

It may also explain why this strain is also a favourite with many medical cannabis patients.

Visually, it’s beautiful. It has a lush green colour accented by some of the deepest purples in the cannabis world. The outside of the bud glistens with a thick layer of trichomes giving an almost white sheen to the outer bud.

Playing with all of your senses, God Kush has a very earthy scent, and precisely the flavour  you would expect from a West Coast Kush.

This strain is indica dominant (about 80%) and ideally recommended for evening use. Patients who use God Kush report that it has great potential in helping with pain, sleep and stress.

The dominant terpene is caryophyllene, which helps reduce anxiety — which is undoubtedly welcome for many patients as God Kush, when produced by Broken Coast, can range from 14-24% THC.

According to Broken Coast, the live plants are rather delicate and must be handled gently. They tend to deliver relatively small yields as the plant is quite short and stocky, but what it does produce has a dense and round bud structure you would expect from a heavily indica dominant strain.

There is some mystery behind the genetics of this particular phenotype grown at Broken Coast, but it is commonly accepted as a cross between the Canadian God Bud and OG Kush.

Broken Coast uses a sliding scale to price their strains, and Lasqueti is sold for $9-$12 per gram depending on the lot.

— Andrew Post, LP Coordinator

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