One of our commitments to our patients at Natural Health Services, is to help them help themselves.

This has many components. It involves teaching about ingestion methods, troubleshooting why something may not be working, taking patients through what they may expect from the process, and helping patients pick (or switch) from a variety of Health Canada regulated licensed producers across Canada.

But aren’t all licensed producers basically the same?

No! Some are favourites for their oils, some have decarbed flower or sublinguals, some have compassionate pricing, some have 24-7 customer service, some are more local to you…there are many differences among them.

For instance…there’s Green Relief!

There are a lot of things about Green Relief, this month’s spotlighted licensed producer, that are not only innovative but revolutionary as well. Everything this grower incorporates aims to contribute to not only the health of the patient, but the health of the planet.

How? Well, in a nutshell…..

They are the ONLY Licensed Producer in the world to use aquaponics to grow their medicinal cannabis. Aquaponics is a sustainable form of agriculture which integrates aquaculture (fish farming) with hydroponics (soil-less growing of plants). Integrating the two creates a closed loop, balanced ecosystem with constant recirculation.

Aquaponics uses 90% less water than traditional agriculture. It can produce 10 times the crop yield per acre. There is no dumping of soils or wastewater back into the environment.

How does the closed ecosystem work?

Fish produce waste, which gets broken down into plant nutrients by naturally occurring bacteria. The plants take up these beneficial nutrients for their own growth, and simultaneously filter the water so that is can be returned back to the fish tanks for recirculation. Talk about reducing, reusing and recycling!

Green Relief, based in Hamilton, Ontario, doesn’t stop there in terms of uniqueness and innovation:

  • For those who are THC sensitive, Green Relief has the lowest amount of THC (.07%) on the regulated market in their CBD oils: Sunrise and Sunrise Lite. They were able to get the THC levels so low in CBD oil extraction due to a process called flash chromatography, a secondary purification process that further removes THC molecules from the CBD oil.
  • Green Relief’s scientists have determined that the entourage effect is still viable at these levels.
  • Some people (ok…many people) would prefer not to taste their cannabis oil. Green Relief provides them with virtually odourless, flavourless CBD oils, due to the same flash chromatography purification process mentioned in bullet above.
  • Their Sunrise CBD oil has approximately 44 mg/ml of CBD oil
  • They harvest every 2 weeks – which means maximum freshness for patients.
  • They use tilapia fish in their aquaponics. When the fish have grown to market size, they are donated to those in need. This provides about 1000 meals every 30 days. Or, 12,000 meals of excellent organic protein every year.
  • Their system must be free of chemicals and harmful pesticides, or the fish would die. Basically the canary in a coalmine situation.
  • Their dry cannabis packaging envelopes use less materials than the typical container packaging, and their oil bottles are made of recyclable glass.
  • Green Relief even uses 100% energy saving LED growing lights

Check out their philosophies and products here

If you are an NHS patient, let us know if you’d like to sign up with Green Relief by going to our LP Fast Swap page, popping into our education centre (no appointment needed), or by phoning our patient care team at 1-844-262-0942.

If you are not an NHS patient but would like to discuss medical cannabis with a doctor, you can refer yourself (no doctor referral needed). Your visit is covered by provincial health care. Book an appointment online or call our patient care team!   


— Kait Shane, Community Outreach Educator Natural Health Services.

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