Luminarium is easily one of my favourite strains from one of my favourite licensed producers.

MedReleaf consistently puts out top-notch strains, with high-quality terpene yields. There is a reason they won top honours at Lift’s Canadian Cannabis Awards this year.

Luminarium is MedReleaf’s version of Delahaze, a genetic lovechild of Lemon Haze and California Lemon Skunk, and it is, in my opinion, the best version of this strain in the ACMPR.

I can personally attest to the claims that it obliterates exhaustion, pain, headaches and nausea. It remains a staple in my arsenal as I have always found it tough to locate euphoric, stimulating strains that aid in dealing with headaches and back pain.

Many maintain Luminarium works well in providing some much-needed relief to those battling depression and PTSD as well.

The mood-boosting powers of this strain get started as soon as you crack the seal on the bottle. The double lemon lineage of Luminarium tickles your nostrils and forcefully grabs your attention.

When breaking it open and busting up the flower, you are greeted with piney notes that add to the clarity and focus that the strain induces. Despite its namesake, I rarely find a haze attached to Dela, she always leaves me with a clear, uplifting, comfortable effect and usually looking for a snack.

Luminarium’s buds are typically tight and healthy looking. A dark Khaki colour swirling with a range of greens from forest to olive, accented by bright orange and rust coloured pistils.

This strain typically has a total THC content of somewhere between 20 and 23% with less than 1% CBD.

She presents her sativa-dominant heritage well. The flower is sticky and frosty with trichomes right down to the stems. Luminarium, neatly trimmed of her sweet leaves, is noticeably more beautiful than her sisters in the ACMPR due to the hands-on attention she receives at MedReleaf, another reason why I always look to this LP for my supply of Delahaze.

— Basil Kelly, co-host of The Cannabis Show and LP Relations

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