This month’s Natural Health Services Employee Spotlight focuses on Lisa Hogan. Lisa spent over twenty years working as a Registered Nurse at Windsor Regional Hospital, until life changing events convinced her that she could make a significant impact in patient wellbeing with cannabinoid medicine.

The following is a discussion revealing how Lisa’s unique experiences are helping to bridge the gap between conventional and cannabinoid medicine.

Recently, part of Natural Health Services’ Calgary team visited southern Ontario to participate in the grand opening of the Windsor clinic.

It became very clear, very fast, that the NHS Windsor team is having a huge impact on both the present and future patients in this region. The team is as strong as its leader, Business Development Manager, Lisa Hogan. Her commitment to and knowledge around medical cannabis is nothing short of inspiring.

Lisa began her medical career as a nurse in the Windsor Regional Hospital in 1998, where she rose through the ranks to eventually become the Program Manager of her unit.

In January 2018 Lisa made a significant career change and took on the role of Business Development Manager for Natural Health Services’ Windsor location.

Listen to my interview with Lisa, where she tells us why and how she joined the NHS team.



— Kait Shane, Community Outreach Educator Natural Health Services. Follow Natural Health Services on Twitter @NatHealthserve.

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