The Napali CBD from Solace Health is a hybrid strain with a combination 2:1 ratio favouring the CBD. Also known as CBD Godbud, it comes from both indica and sativa genetics and generally ranges from 10-13% CBD content and 5-7% THC content.

This plant has a coating of glistening trichomes with orange hairs and green with dark purple leaves. The flower has a musky yet sweet scent, best described as earthy with hints of lavender, berry and pine. This strain not only carries a multitude of scents, but also a noticeable variety of earthy pine, floral, and sweet berry flavours. The smell of this flower alone elicits strong feelings of peace and tranquility as if I am surrounded by nature the moment I breathe it in.

This plant also packs a delightful blend of relaxing body sensations, with a little perk of energy and focus when I have consumed it. The specific ratio of CBD to THC must give it that wonderful calming affect with a subtle kick of clarity and sharpness. The combination of dominant terpenes Pinene, Caryophyllene, and Myrcene creates a beautiful trinity that can be complimentary for pairing mental clarity with relieving stress as well as pain.

The variety of scents, flavours and affects of this plant is sure to please a variety of palates and purposes depending on the individual. The enticing balance within this strain has made it my top choice for versatility as a morning pick me up, afternoon break, and early evening decompression. As someone who fluctuates in my needs from day to day the Napali CBD has an ideal blend to bring me back to centre through each day.

Overall, this strain induces feelings of warmth, happiness, and sensational body soothing for my everyday life. This balanced hybrid is my perfect combination for a levelheaded and grounding experience.


— Stephanie Tostowaryk, Patient Educator

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