Canadians continue signing up to buy medical cannabis in droves.

The latest quarterly figures from Health Canada show the number of active clients registered to purchase through a licensed producer climbed to 201,398 as of June 30, 2017 — a 20% jump over the previous quarter ending March 31.

Nearly 80% of all those registered hail from Ontario and Alberta.

Shipments to registered clients across Canada climbed to 103,270, with Ontario and Alberta again leading the pack. Rounding out the Top 5 at the end of June were Nova Scotia, Quebec and British Columbia.

Why would Alberta, the fourth most populated province in Canada, have a higher number of registered client than Quebec and B.C.? Well, regulations in La Belle Province make it more difficult for doctors to prescribe cannabis, and B.C. has a robust underground market and chain of dispensaries.

In addition to now reporting the monthly shipments per province, the federal health agency is now releasing other pertinent information in its quarterly updates, including:

  • total number of medical practitioners per month that provided a medical document for a client who registered with a licensed producer
  • dried cannabis sales, amounts released for sale, inventory; and
  • cannabis oil sales, amounts released for sale, inventory
  • total number of client registrations with a licensed producer at end of month;
  • total number of active registrations for personal and/or designated production at end of month;
  • total number of personal producers at end of month; and
  • total number of designated producers at end of month

Nearly 2,800 health care practitioners provided recommendations for patients to register with licensed producers, up from almost 2,359 two months earlier.

And more Canadians are signing up to legally grow at home as well, with almost 6,400 registered nationwide and another 506 registered as a designated grower.

— Written by Trevor Howell, Natural Health Services. Follow Trevor on Twitter @TSHowell.

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