It’s no shocker that the holidays can be difficult for many of us. Maybe it’s in your mind — a loss of a loved one, the anxiety of mingling with co-workers or family at Christmas parties, or it could be physical with less time outdoors and lack of sunlight.

Well, this Christmas get medical cannabis working for you and may I suggest my favourite. This strain is a gem, so get your snob on and know you are partaking in the best of the best.

I present to you, Ho-Ho-Ho… Hollio! Also known as Blue Dream, this Blueberry indica/Haze sativa cross by licensed producer MedReleaf has everything to carry you through those dark and emotional days. Now don’t get me wrong, Hollio is also fantastic for people who just love holidays and let’s not forget my favourite season, spring, summer and fall.

You see, Hollio may give you energy, perk you up and put you in an upbeat state to keep you focused on the task at hand. Yes, that includes listening thoroughly about Grandma’s beef with her doctor’s office.

While the THC ranges between 18-21%, Hollio for many patients doesn’t give off that anxiety that some high-THC sativas can, and also works well for pain.

A few suggestions for Hollio.

Now, at $15 a gram, this strain is a little on the pricey side. To get the most bang for your buck, I suggest vaping, which is healthier than smoking but it can be a more cost-effective way to consume than, say, rolling a joint.

Another cost-saving tip, Medreleaf often sells a crumble version of this strain at a lower price than buying the whole bud.

For anyone with anxiety, perhaps mix a little Avidekel (MedReleaf’s CBD strain) into the vaporizer with the Hollio. It doesn’t matter when you use this strain, it could be to get through that hectic morning of opening presents or hosting the turkey dinner.

Hollio will keep you focused, energetic and in a good mood. Well, for me anyway.

— Chris Foord, host of The Cannabis Show host and Bud Genius

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