On the 11th day of Kushmas, my true love gave to me, Kush!

And come to think of it, by the 11th day, you’re pretty much tapped out and need something just to chill and relax.

Enter Hydropothecary’s Kush, a limited release strain that is an indica and is what I would consider a mid-range THC strain.

The particular batch that I’m enjoying weighs in at 13.52% THC and a speck of CBD at .03%.

A typical kush in looks and structure, this one works really well around the holidays. In fact, maybe it should be re-named ‘Christmas’ Kush.

I had just spent the day holiday shopping, which basically means fighting for a parking spot, standing in numerous lines, and dealing with crowds everywhere. By the time I got home, my inner Grinch was definitely starting to manifest — I was grumpy, exhausted and stressed out.

As I walk into my room, I immediately spot the jar on my nightstand. It has a distinct purple border around the label that you can’t miss. Cracking the jar releases the subtle tones of berry, spices and a hint of caramel. I find a nice reindeer nose-size nug and stuff it into my grinder.

A few quick spins and what was once a beautiful solid mass has now been obliterated into the perfect consistency for rolling a 1 ¼-inch classic joint, but alas, I don’t want to do the extra work, so into the bowl of my trusty Cheech travel bong/bubbler it goes.

Flame to plant and I inhale the Kushy goodness. I taste fruit, and a bit of vanilla, along with that familiar Kushy-rosy flavour. As I exhale, It’s almost as if the day and all of its stresses are exiting my lungs along with the smoke.

And after a hard day’s shopping at the mall for that special gift for Aunt Berta, don’t you deserve something to take the edge off your day?

Kush goes perfectly with feet up on the coffee table, a good movie, big bowl of popcorn and nothing to do.

The last thing I want to say about this strain is that it should come with a warning label that says something like, “objects in the bottle may appear weaker than they are.”

Honestly, this bad girl feels like it put on another 10% from the time it got tested to the time it was bottled — which, incidentally is the day your order gets packaged.

If you are looking to go from feeling like the Grinch to Buddy the Elf, then this is the strain for you.

Merry Kushmas!

— Hart Steinfeld, co-host of The Cannabis Show

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