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March 21, 2017 Calgary, AB Dan Vass, President, Natural Health Services (NHS) announced today that the company has signed agreements with Aphria (TSXV:APH) to fully optimize the patient registration and onboarding process through the AmpleCare platform. This technology was developed by Natural Health Services and Ample Organics to securely and electronically transmit original medical documents and registration forms to Licensed Producers of medical cannabis in accordance with the current legislation.

Vass explained, “the process to get registered under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) can often be complex and we wanted to develop a software platform that simplifies the process. The platform lowers the administrative burden for everyone and enables the patient to be instantly submitted to the Licensed Producer of their choosing. Ultimately, it speeds up the process of registration and verification for LPs and physicians, but the greatest beneficiary of the platform is the patient, and that’s exactly who it should be.”

Vic Neufeld, CEO of Aphria said that “We are pleased to be working with NHS on this important project aimed at improving the patient experience. The efficiencies gained by implementing NHS’ innovative new software application represents a significant improvement to the way we process patient registrations, drastically improving efficiency, speed, and accuracy throughout the entire process.”

Vass said that the agreement will be finalized with Aphria over the next few weeks saying, “It’s an exciting time in our industry as we continue to see incremental improvements throughout the system. We have had very positive feedback from patients about our clinics and the expanded access to cannabis that we provide. This software platform just brings that level of service to the next level.”

For media inquiries please contact Amy Lafleche.

Amy Lafleche
Leadership Team – Marketing & Communications
Natural Health Services


About Natural Health Services
Natural Health Services (NHS) is a patient-centric medical cannabis clinic based in Calgary, serving patients through multiple clinics in Western Canada. With a focus on harm reduction and education, we provide compassionate access to medical cannabis while following the rules set out in Health Canada’s ACMPR. Our team is made up of physicians, cannabis experts, and patient care representatives. For more information visit Natural Health Services at


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