Insomnia is a very common reason that patients visit Natural Health Services. Cannabis has been proven to be a very effective sleep aid. Legally in Canada you can access dried cannabis and cannabis oil, and depending whether your issue is getting to sleep, staying asleep, or both, one or a combination of the two may work best for you.

Indica strains have been proven to live up to their “couch lock” reputation. These types of strains allow for the body to achieve a state of relaxation and offer full body effects such as pain relief and sedation. These effects are commonly known as the “Body High.”

If you are having trouble getting asleep, vaporizing your indica dominant strains may be the best choice for you. Effects with vaporized are achieved much more quickly than with an oil. These effects may be seen as little as a few minutes after the strain is vaporized, thus allowing the patient to quickly relax themselves and feel sleepy enough to end their day. Is your anxiety keeping you awake? Thanks to the relaxing effect of the indica strains, your anxiety may be decreased as well.

If you are constantly waking up in the middle of the night, an indica based cannabis oil may be worth trying. Cannabis oil, unlike it’s dried counterpart takes around 60-90 minutes to kick in. However, the effects can be felt for up to 8-12 hours. The effects of the indica can also provide pain relief. So if it’s pain that is keeping you up, not only will you feel the sedating effects, you may also feel a decrease in your pain levels.

If your issue is both, a combination of the two is suggested. The vaporization will allow you to fall asleep, and the oil staying in your system will assist with a full night’s rest. If you strictly want to consume your cannabis via ingestion, you can time your oil consumption to accommodate when you want to feel sleepy. If oil normally takes 90 minutes to kick in, take it 90 minutes before you want to feel sleepy.

A good night’s rest is essential to fighting other symptoms such as anxiety or pain so if you’re struggling with your sleep, consider cannabis at night. Visit your local Natural Health Services clinic by booking an appointment online.

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