I prefer Nollia from MedReleaf on many occasions and as an experienced cannabis user, I use Nollia from morning to night. As a blend of THC:3-6% and CBD:5-8% I can not go wrong; the strain is not too much and definitely not too little. With its blend of 3 dominant terpenes (Beta-Myrcene, Alpha and Beta-Pinene and Guaiol), it is an excellent relaxant. With a calming effect and body buzz which deescalates my anxiety and helps my ability to focus and rest when I need to. Also with my chronic back pain, this strain is very helpful with inflammation as this relaxes my muscles and loosens me up to get moving and mobile.

I quite enjoy the fruity/earthy/piney mixture of aroma and am known to take an extra sniff or two when I open the container. It calls to me like few other strains. Others often ask, so I always offer to share the love and have someone ooooo and ahhh to its yummy scent. It is not overly pungent in smell so it can be fairly discrete when I need it to be (i.e. get-togethers where there can be stigmatic individuals around to criticize). It’s an all around go to for me!

For newer users, I would recommend vaping or smoking in small amounts to get the feel of it. Remember to be cautious at what lies ahead for the day as it is very relaxing and we wouldn’t want to get in the way of the daily duties. So it’s best for when the busy schedule has freed up a little to enjoy this delightful experience. Possibly after dinner or around bedtime, for a start. Nollia is one of my fave bedtime strains that is available.

It is not up there in out of range price and the density and popcorn like buds are aplenty when grinding up for consumption by vape. The buds burn great and Nollia tends to be a long-lasting joint. Meaning I can take it in, enjoy and feel the benefits kick in almost instantly. What a break to take!

With my afflictions being chronic pain, insomnia, inflammation, depression and anxiety attacks on a daily basis, Nollia is a fantastically balanced strain that helps with all of this. I am happy I found it and am happy it found me.


— Nick Nolting, LP Coordinator


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