Rex is Medreleaf‘s take on Tangerine dream and there are two words that come to mind when you break open a fresh order of these beautiful buds, TERPS AND PURPS.

The colour and smell of this cannabis are unlike any other I’ve experienced. Rex is high in Myrcene, Pinene and Guaiol which gives it that pungent and enticing tropical fruit smell and flavour, with a hint of funky cheese as a back note. Beautiful purple buds with hints of gold pistils make it look like it’s sporting a glimmering, crystally LA Lakers jersey. This is the cannabis I keep around to flex on my friends with its amazing jar appeal.

I often don’t go for sativa strains, but that aroma was far too enticing to ignore. I was happy to find the THC level from 12-14% makes it not too intense. So if you have a sensitivity to sativa strains, I’d give this one a try. The flavour does transfer over in a good smoke, but I highly recommend using a vaporizer to make full use of this plethora of terpenes.

I found it to be stimulating cerebrally and light on the body. It lacks that distinct sativa high energy buzz which I find is replaced with a lovely relaxing effect. Great for any time of day. If you have anxiety or depression, I think this strain would be a great mood enhancer without inflaming your symptoms.

I suspect it will be a long time before I find a strain that impresses me on so many different levels, so do yourself a favour this holiday and order yourself a couple grams of rex.

 — Eliott Campbell, Patient Educator
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