Maybe it’s the deep purple, or the diamond-like shine when the light catches the trichomes. Or perhaps it’s the powerful fruity aroma.

Whatever “it” is, it is spectacular.

Rex, aka Tangie, is a sativa-dominant strain, produced by the Canadian Cannabis Award’s inaugural award winner for licensed producer of the year, MedReleaf.

The lineage of this strain can be traced back to its origins at DNA Genetics in Amsterdam, where this marvel was, reportedly, birthed by breeding California Orange with a Skunk hybrid. This mid-strength strain, which tests between 14% and 18% THC, provides me with a perfect balance of energy and creativity, while still managing to make me feel relaxed and sociable.

Perhaps the most alluring part of Rex (aside from the scent, naturally) is how gentle it is. For me, I find sativas to be a tad overwhelming at times. However, with Rex, I have yet to have that be the case, which may be due to its estimated 70:30 sativa-to-indica ratio.

MedReleaf reports that this cerebral, yet noticeably sedative strain, may help with moderate pain, appetite stimulation, and nausea.

Described as a “small-batch, super premium variety” Rex is currently listed at $17.50 per gram, and is limited to five grams per 30-day ordering period.

— Michael Medos, Bud Genius

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