You may have had an easy time getting to this point, or, it may have been a journey full of doubt, and naysayers, and roadblocks. Either way, you’re here. You’ve received your prescription and have picked a Licensed Producer. Congratulations! But, we still have some work to do.

Medicating with cannabis is not a one-size-fits-all solution. While a prescription pill may take the guesswork away from you in terms of decision-making, you are now about to choose your own strain, dosage, and ingestion method. The positive spin to this is that you get to tune-in and listen to your mind and body, and learn how these variables affect it.

Dosing cannabis for medical purposes takes a low and slow approach to allow you to calibrate the minimum amount necessary to treat your symptoms. Always start low and go slow. Titrate up on a weekly basis until you get to an amount where your symptoms are responding positively. When you get to a point where you are feeling more comfortable, plateau here. Maintain this amount. Eventually the body will start to get used to the cannabinoids, this is normal, the symptoms may start to creep back in. Titrate up a step or two to correct this and then plateau and maintain. Your unique and individualized cannabis treatment plan will evolve with some attention to detail.

Consider keeping a notebook of your findings. Note dates, symptoms, amounts, peak times and durations. Not every strain or ingestion method is going to be right for you, and it’s equally important to get to know the ones that aren’t. Note any details, including: producer, strain name, THC/CBD levels and terpene profile. Before long you will hold the key to your health.

Although there are currently 36 Licensed Producers in Canada, your NHS Bud Genius has more than likely directed your attention to a few that would suit your specific needs. Once you’ve chosen and registered with one, try to familiarize yourself with what they have to offer in terms of product, reliability and customer service. You are free to change your LP at your follow-up appointment with NHS. You may even want to split your prescription between two LPs at that time. A comprehensive list of producers can be found on Health Canada’s website

In your first few months, you may feel overwhelmed. Remember, this is a learning curve and we are here to help! You can reach our patient care team by phone at 1-844-262-0942 or by e-mail.

Here are a few more resources:

  1. NHS offers weekly Q & A Wednesday night at NHS Education Centre (5809 Macleod Trail) 6:30-7:30pm OR tune in online live at
  2. Talk to your licensed producer’s customer support. Though they are unable to give medical advice, they can help educate in terms of their strains and blends as they relate to your treatment.
  3. (website and phone app) is full of educational information on every subject. Just enter a search term and start learning!
  4. is a peer reviewed physician’s website with articles on cannabis.

We wish you the best in attaining a healthy and productive lifestyle! 


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