I have always felt the calmest sitting beside the shore soaking up the energy from the water and the sky, and that feeling of ease and relaxation is perfectly captured in Organigram’s Coastal Blend.

The New Brunswick-based licensed producer describes the blend as a “restorative energy that radiates from the shore” — and that is exactly how it comes across.

This sativa-dominant blend is a mix of two of Organigram’s strains, Halcyon and Wabanaki and is listed as having 16.5% THC and 0.07% CBD. The bud is pre-milled at a consistency ideal for vaporization, packaged in 15g increments and offered for a budget-friendly price of $105. (That’s just $7 a gram).

Wafts of honey and a hint of spice greet you after opening the container. I have yet to try the Halcyon strain individually, but the notes from the Wabanaki is unmistakable.

This uplifting and energizing mix was ideal to combat my stress, depression and lethargy, all without increasing my anxiety. The moderate levels of THC allowed me to utilize the healing properties without feeling high.

I am not a morning person, and when you couple that with depression, the simple task of getting out of bed becomes a chore each day. It’s not an ideal way to start the day.

However, since purchasing this strain, I have been using this to motivate me to get out of bed and start off on the right foot. I get up, start the coffee (aka lifeblood) and pack a small bowl in the vape pen.

The pre-milled consistency is excellent and saves me from scrambling for a grinder in the morning when I am only half awake. After just one or two draws off the vape pen, I am ready to tackle the day. My energy levels go up, and I get happy about the day ahead of me.

The thing I enjoy most about this strain is the clear-headed high. I am still able to function more efficiently and get through what needs to get done without being distracted by my anxiety, stress, or pain.

Coastal Blend is also, in my opinion, great for easing stress symptoms from a long day. It is nice to vape a bowl or three at the end of the day and just let the strain take you back to the coast, at least in your mind.

— Jasmine Rankine, Administrator

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