I love how medical cannabis helps me with my fibromyalgia, PTSD and CFS. I feel cannabis is a way better and healthier alternative compared to all these synthetic or prescription pills a lot of doctors or clinics are pushing nowadays. Thank you Natural Health Services for being there for your patients and having an amazing staff who I feel actually listen to their patients and try to help them anyway possible.

Blair N.

I can sleep again, I can answer my phone again. I can live life more normally. I recently discovered I have a natural resistance to many prescription drugs and caffeine. Cannabis works far better than anything. I was prescribed for depression, anxiety, and insomnia….I’ve actually lost 15 pounds since starting with cannabis a year ago. And the pain relief is the best. I can have a full shot of morphine and it doesn’t help my pain at all, but cannabis truly helps with any pain I have.

Melissa L.

I love how Medical Cannabis gives me such a huge relief of symptoms that I am able to live life more comfortably, more clear headed and happier. And because of that I am able to follow my passions still and create artwork and crafts. Thank you NHS and Cannabis for helping me live a life full of passion, love, and freedom because I am able to treat my illness so effectively

Natasha J.

I love how Medical Cannabis takes away my chronic pain, but I also love how uplifted it helps me feel, my anxiety is much more manageable, and my pain is finally tolerable. I can actually enjoy my days with my family instead of hiding away in pain!

Leah D.

Chronic Lower Pain, for 35 years. Now I get a full nights sleep, along with that came a weight loss of over 70 lbs. 57 going on 40!

Ross L.

Reason I like it is it has taken me off prescription meds that where shutting down my organs and disabling my life now I can enjoy life with family friends and not need harsh prescription meds.

Andrew F.

I love having control over my own mind and emotions again. I love not having to worry about withdrawal if I am late taking a dose of medication. I love that medicinal cannabis has allowed me to follow my dreams, start my own business, go back to school to further my trade, and do it all without being wracked by crippling anxiety.

Jennifer A.

I love that I have my life back. After years of unsuccessful medication trials I feel like myself again. I feel more in control of my life and my fibro then I have ever before. I couldn’t have done it without the support of the staff at Natural Health Services. The chronic pain clinic would not prescribe medical cannabis and it was my last hope for treatment. Thanks to you all I was able to give it a shot and the results have surpassed anything I could have imagined.

Mehgan P.

If I didn’t have access to my medical Cannabis, I never would have gotten OUT of the house, DURING THE DAY. Cannabis reduces my anxiety, depression, insomnia, and physical issues that prevent me from leaving my house regularly.

Victoria W.

Cannabis has helped me with my muscle spasms and neuropathy caused by MS. I feel so much better! It has also helped with my anxiety and depression. I don’t have to take prescription medications in ridiculously high doses anymore.

Margaret C.

Since I started using medical cannabis 3 months ago… I experience way less migraines and have taken about 80% less Advil for those migraines. It also helps with my insomnia, and most nights I stay asleep the entire night through. The added bonus I didn’t realize would be an positive side effect, is that it helps with my anxiety as well. I’m so grateful that Natural Health Services had made this available to has changed my life!!! And I’m excited to see it help my other family members as well.

Dawn C.

Finally able to wean off the pills that are killing me. I’ve been a guinea pig for my doc and pharma for way too long.The pills have ruined me and taken away my joy of life. Medicinal has brought back sleep, appetite, and pain control. Fibromyalgia has taken a lot of years from me and now hoping that I gain some of that back.Its a long process to heal what pharma has ruined.

Aaron F.

Years dealing with anxiety, depression and chronic pain finally behind me. I can sleep better, concentrate better, amd I can get a good workout to get in shape to boost my self confidence.

Melissa P.

I love how it helps me with many of my Fibromyalgia symptoms. NHS has the best medical care I have experienced. Thank you for being there for patients and putting our needs first.

Jennifer A.

When I went for my first appointment it was a little intimidating. I feel marijuana helps many effects of pain well being. As a nurse who worked palliative care for 10 years saw marijuana help patients with their many symptoms. Natural health made my appointment a pleasant informative meeting. So very glad I went. Thank you for your expertise in this.

Melodie S.

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