Some of my favourite things are purple — grapes, eggplants, violets, lavender and Prince.

Some of my favourite cannabis strains are purple too!

Quebec’s own Licensed Producer, Hydropothecary has a signature line of cannabis products it calls ‘Time of Day.’ That makes it super easy for patients to figure out what medicine to use at what time of day.

Makes sense.

At $15/ a gram, it certainly is the ‘Signature’ line, but the great part is, you can order this stuff by the gram, so if you just want to try it, you can order 1 gram of all their signatory buds.

After Dinner, and Indica dominant strain,  is a conversation starter for both its looks and its effects — more on that later.

As I spill the clear glass jar of it’s contents to really get a look at this lovely lady, I think to myself,  Barney the Dinosaur may be a better name for this strain as it’s probably one of the most purple coloured buds I have ever seen in my tenure as a cannabis aficionado.

This stuff looks like prop cannabis they may use for the next Seth Rogen movie — yes, it looks kind of fake, it’s that purple. When I post pics on social media of this particular strain, people always claim it’s PhotoShopped.

Olfactorily, I know your mind likely wanders to certain offensive ‘after dinner’ smells, but this one has a spicy, woody tinge to it. There’s a hint of berry hidden deep, but are there if you inhale long enough. The scent is actually quite captivating.

As I start to break the buds up for grinding, I think to myself, “Man that is some Deep Purple.” I’m so excited to get some ‘Smoke on the Water’ of my trusty glass bong, Pippi Bongstocking.

She smokes very nicely and has some great lung expansion. I taste woody and spicy notes on the inhale, and there’s definitely some fruitiness on the exhale.

Vaped at about 385ºF, the taste of berries is more pronounced, but the flavours start to dissipate at around 400ºF or so.

The effects are nice and light and are felt within about 2 minutes of the original inhale. I’m feeling calm and relaxed, yet somewhat social.

This definitely would be perfect for an after dinner treat that will leave you able to function if you happen to have guests over. This particular lot has about 10.5% THC.

Medically speaking, I would think it would be great for stress, depression, pain, headaches and nausea.

Four coughs out of 5

  • Review written by Hart Steinfeld, Education Manager at Natural Health
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