On this particular Friday evening, I was feeling kinda slow with super low energy as a result of a long work week. All I wanted to do was chill out on the couch, but the Universe had other plans.

Universe: Hey bro, we should do something tonight.

Me: Nah, I think I’m just gonna chill out, maybe watch some old Silicon Valley episodes, order a large pizza and maybe try some of this cannabis stuff I’ve heard so much about. I hear it helps with stress and anxiety. Pain too!

Universe: No way man, this is me, your old buddy Cosmos… We need to go out and have a Big Bang tonight!

Me: Cosmos you say. That gives me a good idea, maybe I will watch some Seinfeld re-runs

Universe: No. No re-runs, not even for my favourite show, Nova! By the way, I got this new strain… It’s super clear and energetic. It’s right up your alley for tonight. It will get you out of your end-of-week funk.

How does the Universe know me so well?

Me: OK, what’s this magical strain called?

Universe: It’s called Bedrocan.

Me: You mean the strain is from the company, Bedrocan, not the name.

Universe: No, I mean it’s called Bedrocan.

Me: I’m sure you are mistaken. There’s a Licensed Producer out of Ontario that’s called Bedrocan. They are part of Tweed Main Street, but what’s the name of the strain already!

Universe: Listen. For the last time, before this becomes an Abbot and Costello ‘Who’s on First’ routine, the strain is called Bedrocan. It’s from the LP Bedrocan as well, but this particular strain is actually called Bedrocan, OK? Don’t make me have to sick my buddy Karma on you!

Me: Got it. Bedrocan by Bedrocan. Who was the marketing genius behind that one?

Universe: It’s actually the strain, Jack Herer, originally from the Netherlands and this particular batch is 22% THC and is pre-ground and ready to use in the vaporizer.

Me: Great, let me warm up the H3 vaporizer so we can meet this Jack.

Side note: Jack Herer was a cannabis warrior and activist who penned the book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Some called him the Emperor of Hemp because of his work with the cannabis plant, tirelessly working to decriminalize. He passed away in 2010.

Now that you have that little factoid, let’s get to some more details about Jack the strain…

Since this particular version was pre-ground it’s difficult to comment on the bud structure or the look of the flowers. To me, most pre-ground cannabis looks the same. The smells coming from the jar reminded me of a walk through a forest with a pocket full of fresh lemons while pulling a wagon that was filled with gasoline. A really nice combination.

Since you aren’t supposed to actually grind the bud when using the H3, I packed the crucible super tight with the ground Jack. The H3 performed its magic and the first draw off the bag filled with vapour gave me a distinct pine flavour along with an earthy grounding on my palette. I felt the effects almost as soon as I put down the H3 bag. I felt a very clear head and very happy about where I am with the Universe.

About 15 minutes later and the effects have fully peaked to include a very uplifted feeling that is very comfortable and social. This would be good medicine for taking on the Universe in whatever capacity. Just make sure it isn’t about the use of the name Bedrocan!

7 coughs out of 10

Disclaimer: The Universe didn’t really share its medicine with me so no laws were broken.

Review written by Hart Steinfeld, Education Manager at Natural Health

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