Attention — if you purchase this strain you will need a smell proof vault or a sense of smell like Dewey Cox if you want to bring this strain anywhere with you.

The aroma was like a kid on opening day of Disneyland standing there at 6:59 AM for a 7:00 AM opening. It was pushing to get out of the jar. Even though it was sealed, I could already smell this nice lady before we even had a chance to meet. (Does that sound OK?, maybe not if we were talking about a person, but when we are talking about cannabis, I think that’s OK)

Headband’s parents are two famous rock stars of the cannabis world — Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Not to be confused with Sour Kush or Sour OG.

Opening the container, that diesel lineage is strong with a hint of citrus and a slight tinge of wood.

The dense buds are medium-size with a nice trim. Colours of emerald green, lime green and dark, almost red hairs are visible immediately against the white walls inside the Tilray Stink Sac.

There’s a really nice cure on these buds and the moisture content is on point with a nice touch of ‘sponge’ to them.

The buds grind up with a bit of difficulty due to the trichome content of this batch — it’s very sticky and kind of reminds me of the cotton candy at Disneyland except it’s green.

Time to vape.

My H3 from Herbalaire has been heating up in the wings. The bag begins to inflate with a nice vapor and I begin to salivate as I think of the Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride of flavours that await me.

I inhale the vapor and begin to taste the fuel from the Sour Diesel immediately. It may be a Small World, but this one has big, bold flavours. The fuel flavour is still there on the exhale, but all of a sudden it changes and there’s a strong musky, soapy-ness that just comes out of nowhere. It reminds me of a true Kush. Perhaps this is the OG pushing through.

I do like to test cannabis using a clean glass water bong as well as vaporizing, but the balloon from the H3 was so delicious, I’m going back for a second.

About 30 seconds after I put down the second bag, I kinda feel like I’m on Space Mountain!

Hold on!

This is not a light strain. At 25.5% THC and a sativa to boot, it doesn’t land in the kiddie section.

This strain is great for pain and believe it or not insomnia. Even though it’s a Sativa, I may consider it a hybrid as I do notice I do a pretty good Sleeping Beauty imitation when I use this one about an hour or so before bed.

As I write this I’m on about minute 58 since my last vapor bag and I’m ready to head off to Neverland.

Four Coughs out of Five.

  • Review written by Hart Steinfeld, Education Manager at Natural Health
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