Kali Mist by Delta 9

The Hindu Goddess Kali is known as the great destroyer of evil forces.

In many ways, the strain Kali Mist from the Licensed Producer Delta 9 out of Winnipeg, Mb., is also a destroyer of evil forces — if those evil forces are depression and pain.

Also nicknamed ‘The Queen of Sativas’ Kali Mist is a mostly sativa dominant strain that has mysterious unknown origins, but according to the strains creator, Serious Seeds, it is said to be a cross between two strong sativas.

The Hindu Goddess Kali’s appearance is fearsome: baleful eyes, a protruding tongue, and four arms. In her upper left hand she wields a bloody sword and in her lower left hand she holds the severed head of a demon. Draped around her is a chain of severed human heads and she wears a belt made of dismembered arms.

Not exactly a picture rainbows, sunshine and lollipops.

Almost the complete opposite of how the strain Kali Mist looks as she is quite a beauty to behold. A nice array of green hues that kind of remind me of Army camouflage with nice orange hairs protruding from the flower — think of the Muppet Character Beaker’s hair color. The other thing I notice is that these buds are laden with trichomes.

In terms of smell, Kali is earthy and woody, but buried deep is a citrus sweetness that is just bursting to come forward — and that’s exactly what happens once you grind the bud. The citrusy-sweetness comes to the forefront.

Kali has a real fluffiness to it once ground up that makes it look super inviting. You almost want to take a running leap and jump into a big pile of this stuff.

I used both the bong (Good ol’ Pippi Bongstocking) and a portable vaporizer to test this batch.

The flavour is almost what you expect it to be with a nice fruitiness coming on the exhale, but then something else hits you. It’s almost as if the last bit of vapor to leave your lungs has some effervescence to it. For lack of a better comparison, it’s like burping the last little bit of vapor out of your mouth. Those who have experienced this with Kali will know exactly what I’m talking about.

The effects are strong and clear, and I’m feeling it most directly behind my forehead, which is odd because it’s said that the Goddess Kali emerged from the forehead of another Goddess, Durga.

I’m noticing my stress is leaving and any physical pain I had before using Kali has dissipated into the background of my being.

There are also rumours that claim Kali is also the ‘great destroyer’ of menstrual cramps. Who knows, maybe there is something connecting the Goddess Kali to all those women out there who experience pain and discomfort monthly.

Either way, Kali Mist is a must for any Sativa lover out there.

7 coughs out of 10

Review written by Hart Steinfeld, Education Manager at Natural Health



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