Friday, 5:07 pm. I slide down and off the metaphoric dinosaur tail and jump into my version of Fred Flintstone’s car. My mind still cluttered from the week that was, I barely notice my commute home and end up in the garage magically.

I cross the threshold of castle, drop my keys in the bowl (no, I’m not headed to a 70s key party, we keep our keys in a bowl, OK?), kick off my Vans, kiss my wife, and then I hear it.

My bong is calling me.

Oh there’s no actual tune or voice, but I can assure you, Pipi Bongstocking speaks to me on many levels.

At this point in the week, all I want to do is melt my stress into a small puddle, so I’m going to look for something that will handle my stress, but also help with some back pain I have been experiencing.

Eran Almog from the Licensed Producer, Medreleaf is perfect for this type of situation.

A strong heavy indica, Eran Almog’s genetics hail from Israel and the strain is named after a patient who found the medicine helped with his cancer treatments.

The current batch doesn’t do much for the eye in terms of container appeal. To be honest, it looks more like a wispy sativa than the indica it’s supposed to be, but maybe that’s because it’s not like a true Indica. Small popcorn sized buds line the container with the occasional peanut (in the shell) sized chunk.

The other thing I notice upon opening the container  — The smell. It’s very unique and is almost reminiscent of, well, barnyard animals. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not offensive, if that makes sense. It’s a wet, rotting, sage-y, woody kind of smell.

Barn is unmistakeable, but there’s also some citrus in the background that makes me think of a characteristic that is more predominant in some Hazes.

Don’t judge me, but when I review cannabis, I like to smoke it as well as vape it. I find I get a nice flavour profile from the vape at a lower temperature, but to truly feel the effects of the cannabis, I generally like to combust (in clean glass with a hemp wick).

On the tongue Eran first introduces herself as a soapy sort of musky flavour. Don’t worry, there’s no barnyard flavour present so you can stop worrying about that. If you’ve ever chewed Thrills gum before, think that but toned down with a hint of sage and perhaps a little Goodyear tire mixed in. Not really an enticing flavour profile, but for some magical reason it really works.

On the exhale, she changes a bit and that’s where the citrus and fruity flavour join the party.

The first thing I notice? This is strong medicine. I begin to feel the effects almost immediately and it is hitting hard. I begin to feel that ‘cracked egg’ sensation we used to do to each other as kids on the top of my head. The sensation begins to make its way south down my body and it’s only a matter of seconds before it’s completely enveloping me.  My stress and week that was  are pooling around my feet.

The corners of my mouth, however, are starting to point north.

I notice my back pain has dissipated and what was I so stressed about anyway?

I settle on the couch with the required accoutrements — a nice glass of ice water and, of course some more Eran Almog…..and maybe a bowl of ice cream and some Ranch Doritos, but I’ll  never tell.

The next thing that I remember is wiping the drool from the side of my mouth and looking up at the TV that is now playing an infomercial for the latest Ron Popiel product —  some pocket-deep fryer-sewing machine that also has the cure for male pattern baldness.

I sweep the Dorito crumbs from the front of my shirt and fumble to turn off the TV.

Time for sleep.

This one hits the bullseye for mild pain and stress, and that eye is closing fast!

  • Review written by Hart Steinfeld, Education Manager at Natural Health
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