The strain Morris from Licensed Producer, Tweed, isn’t likely named for the loveable feline that the cat food brand ‘9Lives’ made famous.

Although, this one does have at least two lives.

One version is grown indoors at the Tweed facility in Smith Falls,  and this particular one I’m testing was ‘Sun-grown’ at Tweed Farms in the Niagara region of Ontario.

The sun grown buds have a THC content of 13.5% and its indoor sister has a similar potency, but more expensive. It seems the only real difference is the growing method. (Note: I haven’t tried the non-sun grown version, but I’m speculating based on the information available on Tweed’s website.)

In terms of smell, this one does have a slight urine smell to it, however,  anyone who knows cannabis, knows that that is not necessarily a bad thing. Some of the best cannabis strains I have used had a very distinct ‘cat piss’ smell to them. Apologies to Morris the cat.

Other scents my nose uncovered included citrus, spice and just a hint of pine.

Buds are on the smaller side, and definitely have that ‘dulled’ look that most sun-grown products exhibit. Darker green with darker orange hairs.

Morris made her way into my lungs via an inexpensive glass spoon pipe (I’m not proud of it, but it was the only thing available at the time) that was brand new, so I could really get a true sense of the flavour.

The flavour was interesting. It’s very subtle and is hard to pick up if you aren’t really looking for it. I promise, it tastes nothing like cat food! I found hints of citrus as well as a spiciness which makes sense as the terpene profile on this batch is high in limonene and caryophyllene. There’s also a lot of myrcene present in this one, which may add to its woody-spiciness.

Although labelled as an Indica dominant strain, it’s not super heavy, so it’s definitely usable during the day — later afternoon may be best.

Medicinally speaking, this one is good for mild pain, depression, and appetite as I noticed once it settled in, it had me thinking happy thoughts and also removed a sore shoulder I have been nursing along for the past few days.

The genetics that make up Morris consist of Chem 91 and Captain Krypt OG and is a relative of Chemdawg — one of the first strains that was ever grown at Tweed.

DNA, the company responsible for the genetics, actually claim these two parents should have never been romanced together, as it creates an altogether crazy powerful strain, but they say, “it had to be done!”

Me, I’m not so sure it “had” to be done. Not a real memorable strain in the vast catalogue of great cannabis that exists across our country.

That said, I would put this one in my cart again — at $6 a gram, it’s great value.

Three out of five coughs.

  • Review written by Hart Steinfeld, Education Manager at Natural Health
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