Wabanaki translated means ‘People of the First Light’ and whoever decided to name this one at Organigram deserves a gold star and a raise!

This is the perfect strain to use at first light.

I decided to forgo my usual Sour Diesel instead of coffee (Ok, who am I kidding, on most days it’s usually Sour Diesel with coffee) and substitute Wabanaki in it’s place.

This was a great idea.

The sativa-dominant strain is just what you need to get you focused in the morning.

But I will give you a warning, at almost 22% THC and zero CBD, this one might not be something you jump right into for a wake-and-bake. This one is designed for more experienced users, so be cautious and start low and go slow.

The bud structure looks very nice right out of my 5g jar. Nice dense little ‘rocks’ that have a lovely lime green hue to them.

I smell lots of pine as well as citrus, which is confirmed by the higher level of the terpene Pinene present in this one.

Anyone who uses the strain Jack Herer (due to its usual high level of Pinene) on a regular basis would find joy in Wabanaki.

It could be a distant cousin to Jack.

I used my usual two-prong approach to getting this one into my system – My trusty H3 by Herbalaire and a new, unnamed glass bong that I recently purchased.

The vapour from the H3 produced at about 398F was creamy and delicious. I could really taste the Pinene that was present.

About 2 minutes after putting the H3 bag down, I could really feel the medicine start to work in my head. It is psychoactive as it’s main cannabinoid is THC, but it really helps to get me motivated.

Perfect for what’s ahead of me. Lots of writing and things that need my brain on tap for today.

I would recommend this strain for a more experienced user who is looking to get some energy, creativeness as well as pain relief.

Oh, and since it’s high in Pinene, asthma sufferers may want to give this one a try for its bronchodilation abilities.

The best part of this strain is that it won’t ‘Waba-knocki” you out.

7 coughs out of 10

Review written by Hart Steinfeld

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