I have just recently registered with Licensed Producer Beacon Medical and I’m happy to say I made a good choice.

Beacon Medical makes it obvious they care about their patients. Not only have they pledged to absorb the excise tax on medical cannabis, they also offer free shipping on all orders! This is a huge benefit for purchasing high quality cost-effective medicine.

My favourite strain from Beacon Medical is their THC Ember (aka Spoetnik). At the time of writing this, Beacon was offering the strain on sale for $7.19 per gram (this is actually incredibly reasonable considering you don’t have to pay for shipping!).

My most recent batch clocked in at 14.6% THC and <0.07% CBD. When I first cracked open the bottle I was immediately enticed by pungent smells of sweet fruit and pine. This made sense to me as the dominant terpenes in THC Ember are Myrcene and Humulene.

The buds were medium sized, dense, light green in color and had lots of orange hairs.  

When I first bought THC Ember I assumed it would be quite sedative due to the high levels of Myrcene. I quickly learned this was not the case…

Right after I vaporized a small amount, I was surprised to feel such a large boost of energy! This taught me that THC Ember might not be the best to use before bed as my mind became very active and racing with thoughts. After some troubles getting to sleep, I decided to try it the next day but during the daytime instead. This is how I came to love THC Ember!

I quickly fell in love with this strain while utilizing it throughout the daytime. I find its mid-level of THC (12-14%) to be just right as I can consume it and still remain productive and focused throughout the day. Strains that contain really high levels of THC often put me in a couch-lock state or to the point where I can no longer focus on work. This is why THC Ember works so well. I can consume it safely without the worry of being sedated or having a foggy mind.

The best way I can describe THC Ember is by comparing it to a energy booster shot. The effects come on quick, my mind feels clear and focused, and I can attack a task with energy and enthusiasm. The best part is that it truly helps with my motivation and getting things done. I feel like it turns my brain into a productivity machine!

The effects typically last between 1-2 hours when I consume it with a vaporizer.

Overall, if you’re looking for a cost-effective strain that can help with focus, productivity, and motivation, I recommend THC Ember. Its mid-level of THC are just enough to give you a well needed boost of energy while maintaining a clear and focused mind.

Beacon Medical sells this amazing strain for under $10 a gram and it can be purchased regularly with no shipping costs or excise tax. I know… It almost sounds too good to be true!


— Matt Paish, Marketing Coordinator

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