Unless you have been living under a rock, you have likely heard that Canada has passed the Cannabis Act, and Cannabis will be sold for recreational adult use beginning October 17, 2018.

But there’s a whole other sector in the Cannabis world that has been nervously waiting in the wings to see how the whole adult-use market will affect them.

Of course, I’m talking about medical patients.

On the streets, in clinics, conferences and online forums there is one clear question – what will happen to patients’ supply?

Ashleigh Brown, the founder of SheCann, said it’s one of the main questions patients are asking.

“With adult-use legislation looming, we are fielding questions and concerns daily regarding Licensed Producers commitment to guaranteeing patients access to their medical cannabis,” said Brown.

SheCann is a free membership-based Facebook group that deals specifically with legal medical cannabis. The group is shedding a light and breaking stigmas associated with cannabis, and boasts almost 2000 members.

Some companies have come out publicly and stated that patients need not worry as they will have a set supply just for them.

Nancy Neil, Manager of Medical Channels at The Hydropothecary said, “Our commitment to our patients still remains number one to us. We started as a medical cannabis company and we still very much are. We will be there with supply for patients.”

Other Licensed Producers such as Emblem, Tweed Main Street, Bonify, Organigram and Medreleaf have also said they will not leave patients behind.

Here’s hoping they all honour their word at the beginning of adult use, but also remain committed to a constant supply long into the future.

Another issue plaguing patients is the governments addition of an Excise tax on all cannabis – including medical. Cannabis will be taxed at $1 per gram, or 10% of a product’s price, whichever is higher. For the record, no other drug in the pharmacopeia has an excise tax attached.

So far, at least one LP has come to the table and offer some relief from the tax. Canopy has stated that they will absorb the tax on it’s Spectrum Cannabis products.

We should see some other LPs come to the table and offer some tax shelter to patients in the near future as well.

Natural Health Services believes patients should not have to pay tax on medical cannabis. If you agree the government should NOT tax your medicine, please take a moment to sign this official petition.

Stay tuned.

— Written by Hart Steinfeld, co-host of the Cannabis Show.

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