Have you heard about our Starter Kit? Containing all the essentials, our kit was curated to help patients as they embark on their medical cannabis journey. Even if you are not new to cannabis, it’s suitable for someone who is looking for a portable, or more health conscious way to enjoy their medicine.

The kit is comprised of the following items:

  • Tweed Branded Cannabis Journal
  • NHS Metal Grinder
  • Utillian 420 Vaporizer
  • Pinn’d Terpene Oil – 1ml of Caryophyllene
  • Boveda Pack – two-way humidity control
  • Smoke Buddy Jr.
  • Zeus Purify Cleaning Kit

Tweed Branded Cannabis Journal
The journal allocates space to write down all the information about the product you are medicating with. This allows you to break down the effects, as well as your thoughts and impressions of the medicine. Having a place to keep track of strains and sessions is important because of the nature of the individualistic differences in reactions. This gives you more confidence and control when it comes to future purchases. You can flip back through the products you have tried, which will ultimately allow you to make a more informed decision about what will work for you when making your next order.

NHS Metal Grinder
Dried cannabis flower can come in a variety of consistencies: full flower, shake, or milled products. It is important to consider the consistency of the medicine when it comes to vaporization. The grinder allows you to break up your medicine for a better consistency to put in a vaporizer. This step is important because it ensures the optimal airflow through the material when in the chamber of the vaporizer. This three-stage grinder allows you to get the most out of your medicine. In the first compartment, you will find the busted up flower. This rests on a metal screen just fine enough to let the trichomes fall through and be deposited on the small metal collection tray at the bottom of the grinder. This powder, can yield a higher concentration of THC or CBD and can be added to the vaporizer for a higher potency.

Utillian 420 Vaporizer
The Utillian 420 Vaporizer was chosen because it is a very user-friendly device. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the practice of vaporization, without adding undue confusion. The Utillian 420 features a digital display with a single button design which lets you toggle through four preset temperatures. This portable unit can easily be slid into a pocket for use on a nature walk or can allow you to medicate quickly, efficiently and (more importantly) discreetly.  

Pinn’d Terpene Oil
Produced by a wide variety of plants, terpenes are a diverse group of organic compounds.  They are generally responsible for the distinguishing smell profiles and characteristics of various cannabis strains. In this kit we provide a small sample (1ml) of the terpene Caryophyllene. This terpene is a great aid for anxiety or depression. Simply add a drop to the ground cannabis, let it dry for a minute or two and then enjoy. With a hint of analgesic effects, this terpene may leave the user feeling more relaxed.

Boveda Pack
Although small, the Boveda Pack will allow for the regulation of moisture level in your medicine. Simply place the Boveda Pack in your container with the medicine and it will help to ensure your medicine stays fresh for longer while maintaining the humidity of the product.

Smokebuddy Jr.
The Smoke Buddy Jr. is essentially a personal portable air filtration system. Exhale into the unit and the filters inside scrub the odour so that the air coming out of the other side is purified. This can help ease the anxiety, as well as the concern, around medicating in public, by providing greater discretion.

Zeus Purify Cleaning Kit
We have also provided a solution for cleaning your pieces. The Zeus Cleaning Kit comes with a cleaning solution, grime wipes, grime sticks and Zeus pipe cleaners. The bottle of aqueous solution is ideal for cleaning out glass pieces. To use, mix 60% solution with 40% water and soak your glass in it. After a good soak, just rinse off the piece and it will be good to use once again. The grime wipes are essentially small alcohol wipes that help remove tough resin or grime on your pieces. The grime sticks are hollow cotton swabs that when broken will release an alcohol solution into the swab to get into hard to reach places. Also included are a bundle of Zeus pipe cleaners that have several thicker bristles which make easy work of stuck on resin, or are perfect for cleaning smaller items like mouthpieces.

The Starter Kit is a great place to start a medical cannabis journey, with all the tools a patient needs in one box! Not only do these kits contain the essentials, they are also an unbeatable deal. Get one at your next appointment, or skip the wait and go check them out at an Education Centre nearest you. If you are unable to pop into an Education Center, don’t forget they are also available for purchase online, which you can find here! Please note that these are shipped through Purolator and as such can only be shipped to a residential address, not a PO Box. Whether a patient is just starting their journey, or they are well versed in cannabis, with over $200 of value inside the box, it is a steal of a deal for the price of only $147!

— Jasmine Rankine, Administrator/ Inventory Coordinator. 

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