My experience in finding a strain that met my medical requirements was a lengthy one. After struggling with PTSD for many years after my son’s cancer journey, I was desperate to find one that would calm the incessant noise in my head. Only those who have dealt with PTSD can understand how strong the drive is to find this quiet so that you may have peace and sleep. As anxiety was a controlling factor, I charged down the path of trying Indica’s. But each one I ordered only seemed to leave me more frustrated than the one before. Instead of a calming effect, they made me agitated, and even more anxious.

I tried high CBD’s, a balance of THC and CBD, a high THC, a lower THC, and I was still not having any success. I was frustrated and was left with countless unused containers of medication that was sadly going to waste. Then it occurred to me that maybe what I actually needed was a Sativa, so I decided on a whim to try Aphria’s Treasure Island Sativa-Hybrid THC 0.55% and CBD 13.24%.

I noticed that it was more heavily concentrated with the terpenes Myrcene and Caryophyllene so I was hopeful that it would help me to relax. I received my order quickly. After a long day of balancing work and a medical child, I fired up my vaporizer to see if I could find a relief from the stress. Within minutes I noticed that I felt better, my body quickly relaxed, and I felt more cognitively at ease which in turn allowed me to actually verbalize what emotional strain I was experiencing. This was it! The feeling I had been so desperately searching for.

I would personally recommend it for evening, but again this is my own unique experience, and many may find it suits them better as a daytime strain. Months later it is my continued go to at the end of a long day. I still enjoy other strains, but to treat my medical needs Aphria’s Treasure Island will forever be the strain I lean on.

This search taught me that cannabis truly is a unique medication for each patient. If you are struggling to find what works for you, then consider trying something completely different like I did!



— Amber Boyle, Patient Intake Team Lead

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