Natural Health Services  supports our military veterans. We will be continuing  to bring you interviews and information that will shed light on some of the issues surrounding, in part, not only what our vets have gone through, but how their mental and physical traumas can be eased, to whatever degree, through medical cannabis.

There was no better introduction for me to this subject then a serendipitous introduction to third generation veteran Mike Parsons. He’s a fascinating individual who has turned his life around, due in large part to Medical Cannabis. He and his lovely wife, Kyla, a nurse, welcomed me into their beautiful home in Blackfalds, Alberta for a chat about his life and how cannabis and impacted it. Please find the first of the interview here.

In the coming weeks, part two of this interview will follow, as well as some pertinent information on access to medical cannabis for veterans and what they may be dealing with in terms of their choices and what their insurance providers and the government have outlined.

I wish you could all meet Mike Parsons and hear him speak. These snippets will have to do until we can get him on camera for The Cannabis Show.

Meet Mike:

Can you tell us what your injuries were overseas?

What was your introduction to Cannabis and NHS? Can you tell us about strain selection and oil? 

What can you tell us about your fellow veterans experiences?

What was life like on the pharmaceuticals once you got back to Canada? Has your drinking decreased? 

How were you able to come off the pharmaceuticals that weren’t working for you?

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